Design & Weaving

Penrose create a new collection every season to keep the brand evolving, offering customers something fresh every 6 months. Occasionally and upon demand, a design from the extensive archive is repeated and re-coloured to fit with the palette of the new season.

Raw Materials

Penrose is held in high esteem for working with nothing but the finest raw materials.
To achieve the eminent luxurious penrose finish the finest mulberry silk is used, seasonal special yarns are also sourced; from cotton and linen to cashmere, wool and buratti silk.


The penrose handwriting is characterized namely by marrying beautifully rich colours together to produce something extraordinary. Each cone of yarn is dyed on factory grounds to ensure a dense and even dye is achieved, no thread is left untouched.
The yarn is washed to remove a layer of natural gum left by the silk moth. This process reveals the silks renowned lustre whilst allowing the fibres to breathe and absorb the dye quickly, resulting in more vibrant iridescent colours.

Working closely with the mill ensures penrose have more freedom in choosing and even creating new colours.

Design. Creative and Technical.

At penrose all designs evolve naturally. The design team work closely with the mill to translate original sketches, photographs and prints into CAD designs.
Following this initial design process, a colour palette is selected for the season. Leading with what penrose calls its ‘Hero’ colours, combinations are put together and echoed throughout the collection which includes socks, pocket squares, cufflinks and scarves.

CAD & Technical Design.

Once a design is finalised creatively it is given to a highly skilled and experienced technical team to be constructed according to the type of weave specified by penrose.
Each jacquard design is woven to a high number of picks to enhance the beautiful detail and create a rich, lavish feel.


Once all designs are woven, a meticulous selection process is undertaken by the penrose team before finalising the collection. Any designs that are not lucky enough to make the final selection, remain exclusive to penrose are added to the extensive archive.
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