Tie Construction

Once the silk has been woven it is passed through quality control where it is inspected closely for any inconsistencies or loose threads that may have been caught up during the weaving process.
A good tie is determined by a skilled cutter, using a bespoke pattern unique to penrose. The cloth is cut by hand on the bias to ensure that it doesn’t twist or gather during the cutting process or when tied.
The definitive penrose tie is a bespoke semi-bottle neck shape with an 8cm blade and flared tail end. penrose believe that this shape and width create the perfect knot for every occasion. For a more contemporary feel, a slimmer and straighter 7cm blade is available.


All of the penrose jacquard ties are tipped using 100% silk tipping both on the front and tail blade. Hidden in the tail end is Mr. Penrose himself, our woven mascot.
According to season and composition, you can find some penrose ties self-tipped or untipped with beautiful hand-rolled edges.


The penrose interlining not only helps with the structure, weight and handle of the tie, but also the recovery rate; Leave a penrose tie to hang overnight once it has been worn and it will have virtually ironed itself by morning

Hand Crafted

Skilled craftsmen and women fold the fabric precisely around the interlining before pushing the interlining to the end of the tipping. A loose slip stich sewn by hand allows the tie to move whilst securing the interlining in place. Every hand-made tie has a loop of thread left at the tail end, this is very important as it allows the fabric to move when knotted and recover quickly when left to hang.
The braided bar tack is a series of hand stitches enforced by wrapping the cotton around the needle. Positioned above the tipping at each end of the tie, this stops the garment from unfolding and holds all of the components in place.
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